About me

This blog was created in a small Manchester kitchen on the 14th of January 2018, just a few weeks after returning home to the City I was born and raised at. I used to work in the online gambling industry. So everyday I kept my self busy with Forex where I Partnered with Etoro which is one of the biggest Forex brokers in the business, videoslots online spelen at no deposit free spins casino and sir jackpot casino bonus but after years of working  for casino’s I just wanted to stop and focus on something that I actually love doing, baking. I love baking for my family and because everybody always asked me what recipe I used, I decided to start blogging and share all my home made recipes with the world.

Obviously, I bake as a hobby, and try to be as creative as possible and constantly create new recipes from scratch.  I am a home cook, favor traditional styles of cooking, and love to bake with seasonal ingredients. Living in London, I’m lucky enough to have incredible markets on my doorstep.

The reason why I love baking is that it takes me back to my roots and keeps my sane when life get a little carried away. I love doing this on a freelance basis and feel lucky to be able to write about food and come up with delicious recipes especially English puddings.

I would like to thank you for having a look at my blog. We also Partnered with Etoro. They are Forex brokers offering the best currency pairs in the market and are our main sponsor and they are helping us getting everything from the ground.

Much love, Robert Whittie